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Creative Commons License

I started making a selection of views on this site available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Currently there are only very few images in this list but it is possible that this list will grow in the future.

All views licensed under Creative Commons license are listed in the following and are available for download in size of at least 3200 pixel width. This is comparable in resolution to a high quality digital photo and suited for larger printing. If you would like to use the images listed here in a way not covered by these terms you can contact me for an individual license.

The Aïr Mountains
Location: Lon 10.658°
Lat 18.384°
Altitude: 39 km
Direction: 280°
Camera Angle: 42°
Location: Lon -9.732°
Lat 68.443°
Altitude: 149 km
Direction: 222°
Camera Angle: 48°
The Sierra Madre Oriental 2
Location: Lon -99.785°
Lat 24.295°
Altitude: 19 km
Direction: 328°
Camera Angle: 34°
The Western Rift Valley in January
Location: Lon 30.226°
Lat -8.788°
Altitude: 229 km
Direction: 355°
Camera Angle: 27°
The Western Rift Valley in July
Location: Lon 30.226°
Lat -8.788°
Altitude: 229 km
Direction: 355°
Camera Angle: 27°
The Tatra Mountains
Location: Lon 18.803°
Lat 48.774°
Altitude: 19 km
Direction: 66°
Camera Angle: 45°
McMurdo Dry Valleys and Ross Island
Location: Lon 173.29°
Lat -81.267°
Altitude: 149 km
Direction: 345°
Camera Angle: 40°
The Arctic Ocean
Location: Lon 19°
Lat 65.058°
Altitude: 3621.86 km
Camera Angle: 42°
The Alps from East (new version)
Location: Lon 18.49°
Lat 48.295°
Altitude: 141.863 km
Direction: 250°
Camera Angle: 26°
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