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Mount Ararat location map

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is the place where according to Christian, Jewish and Islamic belief Noah's Ark settled after the Great Flood. Southeast of the main, snow covered mountain there is the Little Mount Ararat and in the far background the Kaukasus can be seen.

View: Mount Ararat
Location: Lon 44.699°
Lat 39.217°
Altitude: 19 km
Direction: 335°
Camera Angle: 48°
User Rating: 2.4
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Mount Ararat location map
Mount Ararat

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Visitor comments:

by Roy Patterson from United States posted on Mon Jan 7 2013 05:06:16
If I were Noah, I would have used the materials in the Ark to build shelters and stables; and as fuel for fires. I don't think searchers will find it.\\n\\nRoy Patterson
by arsen from Armenia posted on Fri Oct 10 2008 02:05:17
Ararat rises from a flat plain and dominates the skyline of Armenia's capital, Yerevan. Since ancient times, Ararat has been revered by the Armenians as their spiritual home and as the home of the gods of the Armenian pantheon. Today, it is the national symbol of Armenia, being featured in the center of the Coat of Arms of Armenia. In 1937, a coat of arms was adopted. This coat prominently featured Mount Ararat along with the Soviet hammer and sickle and red star behind it. The Soviet Union broke apart in 1991 and Armenia thus became an independent republic.In 1992, a slightly modified version of the DRA's coat of arms was adopted and has remained in place ever since. Khor Virap, a monastery located just across the border from Turkey,has a good view of the mountain. Ararat is a 2002 film by Atom Egoyan (about the Armenian Genocide) that displays this symbolism.
by Victoria from United States posted on Mon Jun 9 2008 01:34:47
Hi, this photo is beautiful. It is not important were the arc lies, on Turkish land or Armenian land, God made the earth and all the people and things in it. The pure fact that the arc is there, is such a delight. The biblical reference to the arc and all of our existence is crucial to the Abrahamic beliefs. God Blessed the World with Life.
by Daniel from Czech Republic posted on Tue Apr 8 2008 14:52:55
Well, I suppose that the Ark site can't be seen in this lovely picture, since it's taken from South East and the site is near Dogubayazit on South West, that means farther to the left from the Mountain...
by Jana from Czech Republic posted on Thu Feb 7 2008 23:43:43
you can see foto of Noah's arc on
by Luke from China posted on Thu Jan 10 2008 06:36:29
Did they really found Noah's Arc there? I want some pictures of it.\\r\\n\\r\\nThank you!\\r\\nLukewang
by Josh from United Kingdom posted on Tue Dec 18 2007 15:23:21
A beautiful mountain without doubt.\\r\\nHow sad that people are so selfish they can't share it!\\r\\nAs he looked back at it - Noah should have been reminded every day of God's grace and mercy in saving him alive, .\\r\\nWe would all do well to remember that without that grace and mercy and the ark that rest's somewhere on Ararat's slopes, not one of us would be here today!!
by Daniel from United States posted on Fri Oct 26 2007 05:23:34
Good place for an ark. :)
by ALLAN JEFF from India posted on Wed Oct 24 2007 13:53:55
Is Noah arc found....... Which continent is it in????
by EMRE from Turkey posted on Fri Jan 12 2007 17:41:10
Ararat is a land of Turkey and it is going to be like that forever. Weather all the forces including France and Armania deny that. Turkey will be always proud of Ararat.
by Yuri from Russia posted on Thu Dec 21 2006 22:42:30
I am really impressed by the work of the Christoph. It gives a feeling of the flight. But seeing it generates a strange feeling of the immobility also. It would be great if Christoph would think about a film based on his wonderful still pictures. Only imagine what kind of freedom one would be experiencing flying about Ararat or over the Gallipoli peninsula...\\r\\n\\r\\n
by Artyom from Armenia posted on Tue Nov 21 2006 08:53:04
There are two views of Ararat mountain, the one from Turkey and the oposite - from Armenia, the latter is more beautiful, as if it turned its best side to Armenia and Armenians - the oldest possessors of the mount, to enjoy the wonderful scene.
by Philippe from France posted on Sun Aug 20 2006 19:12:30
Beautifull place but located in Turkey!\\r\\nThere, you'll be sure to meet some american tourists from armenian diaspora claiming you that Ararat must be located within the boundaries of Armenian republic.
by Patrick from France posted on Wed Jun 28 2006 21:42:01
The national symbol of Armenia !\\r\\n\\r\\nVisit the ebove link and see some Mt. Ararat's pictures from Armenia !\\r\\n\\r\\n
by Mari from Austria posted on Tue May 16 2006 14:35:11
I would like to live there. It is so beautiful!

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