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Alborz Mountains location map

Alborz Mountains

The Alborz Mountain range separates the Iranian plateau from the Caspian Sea. In contrast to the dry plateau the north side of the mountains and the coastal plains are humid and green. In the foreground the Sefid River crosses through the mountains and enters into the Caspian Sea near the city of Rasht.

View: Alborz Mountains
Location: Lon 47.803°
Lat 37.751°
Altitude: 59 km
Direction: 120°
Camera Angle: 40°
User Rating: 2.9
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Alborz Mountains location map
Alborz Mountains

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Visitor comments:

by ARASH from Iran posted on Fri May 3 2013 18:54:01
your pictures are very very beautiful\\nthank you
by Javad from Heard Island and McDonald Islands posted on Tue Jun 28 2011 17:27:52
hello! tnx a lot!I am from Guilan.from Astaneh Ashrafiyeh!I can see my city in this picture.Astaneh Ashrafiyeh is in the near of the SEFID-ROUD(WITHE RIVER). It is very nice!That is first time that i see Guilan from space.tnx.
by mahmoud from Iran posted on Mon Jun 13 2011 13:40:14
wonderful I'm from Anzali ,North of iran (south of caspian sea ).I hope everybody help to protect caspian sea and north of iran's jungle
by Masod from Iran posted on Sun Mar 27 2011 10:28:53
So beautiful picture! I am from Rasht and can detect Rasht in center of this picture, Mngil lake, Anzali , Kiashahr and other city of Gilan province . I like it
by mashouqa from Jordan posted on Thu May 27 2010 04:34:42
can you show us a pictuer of nalchik city , it's beside albroz mount , plz ?
by mr_hormaty from Iran posted on Thu Apr 8 2010 07:14:19
Thanks for your nice pictures from IRAN.
by babak from Iran posted on Wed Dec 24 2008 15:24:12
why this picture is mirrored?
by hmehr from Iran posted on Sun Oct 5 2008 07:07:00
It is very beautiful and fantastic view of Alborz mountain range in northern Iran and Mount Damavand.
by Seyed vahab AL-Din Makki from Iran posted on Wed May 14 2008 09:37:11
It's so beatuful and usefull pix, it was used for my thesis.
by Jafar from Iran posted on Thu Jan 24 2008 08:15:23
Pure view of Alborz wich talk with his visitor
by Alireza from United States posted on Wed Jan 23 2008 04:20:19
Very nice views of Alborz mountains! My cousins grand dad lives in Gilavand at the foot of Mount Damavand. He is a lucky man to experience all this beauty from grounds up!!\\r\\n\\r\\nAlireza
by Sara from United Kingdom posted on Tue Aug 1 2006 17:13:35
very grat pictures from strong mountain,in this picture the green are,montains and desert are next to each other and one of the wonderful scenes in the world is created.\\r\\nplease add more pictures.
by Majid from Canada posted on Mon Jul 31 2006 04:48:42
Fantastic view of Rasht and Alborz!
by Majid from Canada posted on Mon Jul 31 2006 04:45:18
Fantastic view of Rash and Gilan!
by Khoshnam&Mehdi from Iran posted on Thu Jul 27 2006 21:44:06
Khoshnam : We are so proud of our fantastic Alborz mountain,\\r\\nMehdi: The most beautiful scene I have ever seen from earth curvature and beauty\\r\\nDanke\\r\\n
by Ramin from Iran posted on Tue Jun 13 2006 13:45:53
Very Very Nice & Beautiful. Thank You! \\r\\nMazandaran-Sari
by Bita from Iran posted on Thu Jun 8 2006 13:52:37
Great! so beautifull , so incomparable and so wonderful. Thank you very much.
by Reza from Iran posted on Wed Jun 7 2006 21:51:10
So proud of being Iranian, Thank you for the impressive image of alborz and ever-green Province of Gilan .
by nikki_iran from United States posted on Wed Jun 7 2006 15:48:24
Excellent! Thanks for sharing :)
by Mitra from Iran posted on Mon May 29 2006 21:43:47
This was beautiful. I will surely send the link and photos to my beloved uncle, who has been living in the US for more than 40 years, but has never forgotten the love for his country and people. Coming from a mountainous area himself, he has always adored the beauty of the mountains in Iran and has always strengthened his link with Mother Earth when climbs the mountains.....\\r\\nI am glad that such nice images are now possible to be introdued to all about Iran [although it may also mean that the big brother(s) is (are) watching us!!!]. \\r\\n\\r\\nIt was last June when I was on the foot of Damavand in a place called Rineh. It seems so glamourous, so magnificient, so pure and beautiful that I was almost speechless....\\r\\n\\r\\nLove your land, wherever you are!\\r\\n\\r\\nCheers to you all!
by FARZAD from Iran posted on Sat May 20 2006 14:45:36
Just amazing and very nice !\\r\\nThankful if you load more like this above Iran.\\r\\n

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