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The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea location map

The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea

The Jordan Valley forms the northmost branch of the east african rift system. It continues with the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the earth surface and the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea in the background.

View: The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea
Location: Lon 35.248°
Lat 36.707°
Altitude: 149 km
Direction: 182°
Camera Angle: 21°
User Rating: 2.4
Location Map:    Visible Topography
The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea location map
The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea

Visitor comments:

by thwaib from Palestine posted on Fri Dec 7 2012 20:07:41
nice photo of palestine
by Sam from United States posted on Tue Jul 10 2012 22:13:16
Beautiful Photo of Israel. Do you have more of that particular area?
by Evon from Jordan posted on Wed Dec 22 2010 22:35:19
Great work
by Wassim Shalabi from Jordan posted on Tue Aug 14 2007 09:45:18
fantastic....but married to another woman
by Butchers Family from Portugal posted on Thu Jun 7 2007 20:34:19
We lived in Amman for 3 years and the Dead Sea was the place we fell in love with. It was hard to explain to our friends where exactly it was..but thanks to your amazing site, they are booking holidays already! Xukhran keteer!!!
by Jim Heyworth from Australia posted on Tue Apr 10 2007 02:10:40
Your work very interesting and well done, it is good to see the three dimensional views and get a clearer perspective of the contoured maps, thank you very much. Jim.
by Ronnie Sade from Israel posted on Sun Dec 3 2006 02:56:12
As someone who lives in that\\r\\narea, the image gives an outstanding\\r\\nand beautiful view of our environment.\\r\\nWonderful artistic work. well done.
by Dr. Ziad Al-Ghazawi from Jordan posted on Mon Sep 25 2006 22:05:07
This is a great view of the Jordan Valley. Thanks for a great Site!

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