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This website is created and maintained by Christoph Hormann. It was started about 14 years ago and since 2005 resides under the domain

Apart from the main site you are browsing here ( there are several separate sites residing under the following subdomains:

The content of this site is managed with external linkyoupee, a very flexible HTML preprocessor. Several self written tools in form of bash scripts and C programs are used for more specialized purposes like building the sitemap. Ingo's external linkPOV-Ray syntax highlighter is used for formatting POV-SDL code.

Most of the material presented here is related to Raytracing, a technique for generating realistic synthetical images on the computer and external linkPOV-Ray, a free and very powerful raytracer i use for most of my raytracing work.

Apart from the raytracing related things this site also features several programs i wrote. All other things that can be found on these pages are listed in the sitemap.

I hope you find the stuff shown on this site informative, useful and inspiring. If you have comments or suggestions you can enter them here or drop me a mail.

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