3D views of Severnaya Zemlya


When i introduced the Severnaya Zemlya map i did not show any 3D views of the area but here i try to make good for this. The following views have been added to the Services and Products:

Another thing i tried here is merging the 2D map style with the 3D view creating a kind of 3D map of the same perspective as the true color view but with a coloring similar to the 2D map. This can be seen below for the October Revolution Island image.

One of the difficulties of designing a more abstract 3D view like this is to decide which operations should be done in 3D scene space and which in 2D screen space. Processing in the projected space usually reduces the three-dimensional appearance but it can be helpful to show small and thin elements which would otherwise not be well visible. Here for example the outlining of the glaciers and water areas is done in 2D which helps identifying small coastal features in the background. This conflict between clarity in appearance (which is a central goal in designing any illustration) and differences in clarity as one of the key elements creating a 3D impression is one of the things that make abstract 3D views so difficult.

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