Call to become Member of the OSM Foundation


On December 15 this year’s elections for the OSMF board are scheduled and in contrast to last year i want to cover this matter here earlier with a call for all local craft mappers and other hobbyists active in the project – those who are the heart and soul of the project, to become members of the OSMF to be able to participate in the elections which you can only do until November 15 (30 days before the elections).

I only wrote this call in German because my main motivation for this is that the OSMF is currently fairly bad – and getting worse – at representing the global OSM community and its interests both in its members and in the board. Part of the reason for this lack of proper representation is the dominance of the English language in the political discourse around the OSMF while the overwhelming majority of mappers in the project are not native English speakers. So i am publishing this call in German – which is the only language i am a able to write properly other than English – with the explicit encouragement to local mappers all around the world to write your own calls in your native language to get your fellow mappers to voice their interests in the OSMF by becoming a member and participate in votes. You are free to use and translate my German explanations but you can of course also present your own ideas and reasons. If you publish such a call in a different language i invite you to let me know in the comments so i can add a link.

Local mappers – take ownership of your local map. And local mappers everywhere: Take ownership of the OSMF together to make sure the OSMF represents your interests and the spirit of the OpenStreetMap project.

Update: We now have a call in French – which is nice since French mappers are currently particularly underrepresented in the OSMF.

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