Franz Josef Land in Summer 2015


Last week we had a few days of extraordinarily sunny weather in large parts of the Eurasian Arctic – see here for an overall view. So i created a new Summer mosaic of Franz Josef Land complementing the winter view i showed in April.

This is still quite a few weeks before the snow cover minimum (which usually occurs in late August/early September) but the vestiges of seasonal snow cover present are quite small. The ocean is mostly ice free all around the islands with essentially just some drift ice and icebergs remaining between the islands. Historically this is quite rare – the northern part of the islands has usually been enclosed in pack ice throughout summer in most years.

You can see in the following detail crop that the ice bridge at the southeast coast of Hall Island i wrote about previously is now almost gone – it will probably fully break of by the end of this summer season.

While most of the islands are either ice covered or barren ground some of the southern slopes of the southern islands feature enough vegetation to show up as traces of green on the images.

Both this and the early spring view are now available on

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