Franz Josef Land views


Creating 3d views of polar regions is quite difficult due to the shortage of data for these regions and the strong seasonal variability of the appearance. Franz Josef Land – which i have now newly added to both the catalog of the services and products and the Views of the Earth – is usually surrounded by sea ice and completely snow covered for most of the year.

A view of the whole island group is now available on the catalog:

Franz Josef Land

And two additional views from closer covering only parts are on the Views of the Earth:

Franz Josef Land from eastFranz Josef Land from west


  1. Dear Chris,

    Your website and work on the Franz Josef Island is amazing. Thanks a lot for that.

    Would it be possible to get the 3d models you made?
    I would need it for a model printout in an art project. The model would be shown in Austria, Vienna and in Budapest, Hungary in an exhibition that relates to the austro-hungarian empire.

    Awaiting for your reply,

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