Images for mapping update 11


I just uploaded another update for the OSM images for mapping containing the following new imagery:

First there is a new low tide image of the North Sea Coast of Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands from September last year suited for updating the tidal flats, beaches and shoals in the area. These change quite rapidly so even if you have full coverage in high resolution images not extremely old it is a good idea to consult recent images when you map there to avoid investing in mapping features that might no more exist or look very different now.

Then there is an image of the Pechora Sea Coast in northern Russia – likewise from last September. This allows improving the mapping of the coast and tidal areas and adding missing lakes but also shows quite a few roads not currently mapped in OSM.

I also decided to add recent coverage of a small part of the Antarctic coast, mostly to demonstrate that the LIMA images which are shown by all other image sources there are not really useful to improve of the existing data in the area because they are hopelessly outdated where ice is moving. But even if the images here are recent and from late summer with minimal seasonal ice you should familiarize yourself with the area before remotely mapping based on images alone – it is not always easy to distinguish between permanent and non-permanent ice for example. In case of doubt just concentrate on obvious features, in particular updating the glacier front positions and correcting and detailing ice free rock outcrops.

And finally i also added the recently introduced Svalbard mosaic as an up-to-date and accurate basis of mapping Svalbard. So far glacier mapping on the islands is essentially missing in OpenStreetMap and large parts of the coastline are still extremely crude. This image will give anyone interested plenty of up-to-date information for accurate mapping of the area.

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