More images for mapping in OSM


Once more it is time for a number of new images in the OSM images for mapping:

First the two Landsat off-nadir images i showed in the previous post are available – other image sources provide nothing of use in these areas.

Then there is another Landsat image of Fogo, Cape Verde, this is partly covered with high resolution images in other sources but from before the recent volcanic eruption.

While we are talking about volcanoes – i also added a recent image of Calbuco which erupted in early 2015. Note although the mountain appears to be mostly ice free this is partly due to the glaciers being covered by ash.

Then i have a Sentinel-2 image of Elephant Island and Clarence Island off the Antarctic coast. These islands are nearly always obscured by clouds, a clear view is very rare. This should especially provide more up-to-date glacier information than the 15 year old images elsewhere.

And finally i added two higher resolution aerial images from the NASA IceBridge mission showing the settlement of Qasigiannguit at the Greenland west coast:

and the Thule Air Base in the northwest of Greenland:

These images are not that well aligned but provide details not visible in other sources. There are also higher resolution images of Thule from lower altitude overflights but not any more reliable regarding the absolute position.

As before you can use the images for mapping in OSM by entering the following as image source


or in JOSM by entering as additional image layer source in the preferences (imagery.layers.sites).

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