New features in jsdotpattern pattern generator


There are a number of new features and improvements in jsdotpattern – my tool for generating random patterns for maps.

The most important one is you can now record processing steps and save and distribute them as links. Here are a few examples, you can click on the links to open jsdotpattern and have the same pattern generated as SVG in your browser:

Be aware that although these are all relatively small patterns some take a bit of time to process. You might need to wait a few seconds, possibly even tens of seconds – depending on browser and computer. To get a similar link to a recorded sequence of your own design just click on the sequence link at the bottom of the jsdotpattern interface and you see the sequence of your current session and a link to share it.

Other changes are:

  • Selection of symbols is now more convenient and with previews.
  • You can also generate SVGs with the individual symbols inlined and not referenced.
  • I no more use the standard javascript random number generator which means the recorded sequences can be replayed with identical results.
  • There are quite a lot of new symbols including those I used for the OSM standard style bare ground and wetland patterns.
  • Casing width can be adjusted now.

As before the program is available for use and as sourcecode.

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