New map styles


When updating the demonstration map recently I have made some changes to the standard style, most notably the bare ground color in the landcover style is now modulated based on climate with more reddish color in the warm desert regions and more grayish color in the polar regions. In addition i also changed the relief shading for the lowest zoom levels (1-4) which is however quite subtle.

I also designed several new map styles. First of all a stronger color landcover style primarily intended for the low zoom levels combined with submarine topography:

Another land cover colored style with somewhat more muted and warmer colors and relief shading with stronger emphasis of local topography, the sample area is the Yellowstone Caldera at zoom 8:

For comparison the same area in the normal landcover style.

A bright style with bright blue water features demonstrated here on the Severnaya Zemlya map:

And finally a pure topography style in yellow tones using a newly designed relief shading technique, first example showing the Turkey-Iraq border at zoom 9:

and second example in Yemen at zoom 10:

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