New Zealand mosaic and 3d views


I here introduce a new satellite image mosaic i produced of New Zealand.

This is based on Sentinel-2 images from 2015 to 2017 and otherwise shares many of the characteristics of my previous mosaics like the high level of cloud freeness, seamless ocean depiction and assembly with priority to snow minimum and vegetation maximum.

What’s new is there is a significant improvement to the atmosphere correction methodology which i here used for the first time on a larger project. This results in a more uniform and more balanced color rendering overall. It is also the first time i produced the matching vegetation map at the Sentinel-2 resolution of 10m.

Here a few sample crops, more can be found on the mosaic description page on

I also produced a few new 3d views based on this mosaic, here two examples:

More 3d views can be found in the catalog on

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