Openstreetmap ADD import complete


The import of Antarctic Digital Database (ADD) data into Openstreetmap is now completed.  I wrote in more detail about it in my previous post.  A large part of the imported data, the ice free areas, is currently not visible in the main map on since the tags used (natural=bare_rock and natural=scree) are currently not rendered by the default render style but you can inspect the data using an OSM editor or overpass turbo.

And I updated my own map to include the new data and you can view it in the topography and land cover versions:

But there are still various places where the new data shows up on the map – there are for example many small islands newly in the database, especially at the Antarctic peninsula.  Also the ice shelf changes discussed in the previous post are now there.  There is detailed mapping of small lakes and streams on some islands, for example Deception Island.  There are also peculiar things like epishelf lakes which are enclosed by an ice shelf but connected to the ocean from below.

In addition to the ADD import i also named the larger ice shelves, most notably Filchner-Ronne ice shelf, Ross ice shelf (including its other half) and Amery ice shelf.

It should be clear that although the ADD data is fairly up-to-date with the ice coastlines usually no more than 3-5 years old the ice is constantly changing – I already illustrated this in my previous post – and therefore there are many areas where smaller changes would already be required.  For example the ice connection between this island and the main land has meanwhile vanished.  So even more than elsewhere mapping Antarctica will never be complete and there is lots of work for anyone interested.

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