Snow in Europe


Compared to the previous years this winter seems to turn out to be relatively snow rich in many parts of Europe. On this occasion here a few satellite image impressions of that.

Snow in England on January 25

First a view of snow in the lower parts of much of England – which is not really rare but still not a very common impression either.

Snow in Spain on January 12

Then what is really unusual is the recent extensive snowfall and snowcover over large parts of central and northern Spain including the City of Madrid as shown in the second picture here.

Snow in Greece on January 20

Much more common than in Spain snowfall is in the eastern Mediterranen. I have showed a winter view of the island of Crete before.

Above view shows a recent impression of Greece and the Aegean Sea – featuring snow in many mountain areas including many of the islands, in some cases reaching down to sea level like on the island of Limnos – here a more detailed view of that.

Limnos with snow on January 20

First three images are based on Sentinel-3 data, the last one is created from Sentinel-2 data.

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