Spring again


Spring is coming again around here while winter is approaching on the southern hemsiphere. And as last year a few images from the Antarctic before the night and from the Arctic from the beginning of spring:

The first one shows the western part of James Ross Island on the east side of the Antarctic Peninsula with the ice free Prince Gustav Channel between the island and the mainland.

The second image features Mount Takahe in West Antarctica, one of the largest of the extinct volcanoes of Marie Byrd Land peeking through the clouds in the last rays of the autumn sun.

And then from the northern Hemisphere i have a kind of Yin and Yang image of northwestern Svalbard

In this area ocean currents are transporting warmer water to the north so the area at the western coast is mostly ice free. Winds from the north lead to clouds forming over the warm water but air temperatures are fairly high already so there is not much formation of new sea ice. The north of Svalbard however is still tightly enclosed in ice.

And finally here an image from the southern Kamchatka peninsula of the eruption of Kambalny:

For comparison see also my former images of Kamchatka volcanoes.

First and third image are made from Copernicus Sentinel-2 data, second and fourth from Landsat 8.

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