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Western Alps panorama location map

Western Alps panorama

This view from above the Rhône valley shows the highest peaks in the Bernese Alps and Pennine Alps

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Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, The Rhone, Lake Geneva, Loetschental, Finsteraarhorn, Aletschglacier, Rhoneglacier, Furka Pass, Upper Rhine Valley, Monte Leone, Simplon Pass, Saas Valley

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Location: Lon 7.9° / Lat 46.33°  Height: 7 km above sea level

Visitor comments:

by Ali from Iran posted on Sun Apr 3 2011 07:29:29
Thank you for your great work .
by Alireza Daei from Iran posted on Thu Mar 31 2011 10:11:34
Thanks.Its Great.
by marina from Iran posted on Sun Feb 22 2009 05:44:37
by bashir s. kadhim from United Arab Emirates posted on Sun Nov 30 2008 20:19:37
It is a great work .
by Hamid Hafez Aghili from Iran posted on Wed Jun 14 2006 07:05:49
I really enjoyed . I think if have no chance of climbing the alps ,but can nearly sense the feeling of standing over a high peak in there .
by Conor Donnelly from United States posted on Mon May 22 2006 19:58:28
I've really enjoied browsing your map gallery. The panoramas are especially impressive. Now if I die without ever seeing the Alps first hand, I won't feel so bad.
by Paul V Corley from United States posted on Wed May 17 2006 05:01:32
I really enjoyed being able to rotate the picture and change the viewing angle! It feels like you are floating in a balloon \\r\\nabove the horizon. Amazing picture; as are all of them. You can almost feel the cold from the frozen peaks and smell the clean mountain air!! Looking forward to viewing many more,\\r\\nthank you,\\r\\nPaul\\r\\n

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