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New Zealand location map

New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand with the mountain range of the Southern Alps in the foreground and the North Island with several vulcanoes in the background.

View: New Zealand
Location: Lon 169.429°
Lat -48.466°
Altitude: 329 km
Direction: 16°
Camera Angle: 35°
User Rating: 2.4
Location Map:    Visible Topography
New Zealand location map
New Zealand

Visitor comments:

by whatever posted on Tue Mar 23 2010 22:21:33
Um, whats the point?\\r\\nYou can get real pictures from Nasa, of for that matter Google Earth, of the whole planet.\\r\\nThese artificial images are pretty but sanitised.
by Pamela Cobb posted on Sat Sep 22 2007 11:08:01
The image is amazing!\\r\\n\\r\\nI agree with a former emailer that seeing it makes one feel homesick.\\r\\nI have made my home in Minnesota, U.S.A. but that image brings out so many emotions, precious memories of my childhood growing up in N.Z.\\r\\nI think it's because the image looks as though you are floating above it, like you are really there, something a flat map could never do.
by Harvard Irving from Australia posted on Sun Sep 17 2006 04:42:23
Shouldn't there be some cities/towns/roads visible in this view? Come to think of it, the cities appear to be missing in all the other images I have seen on this site.
by Mel from Australia posted on Mon Jul 31 2006 13:41:19
As a kiwi living in Australia I have to say I'm highly impressed with the New Zealand imagery. It's spot on and I can distinguish places I've been and grew up in. Makes me a bit homesick really! Welldone!
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