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Grand Canyon Closeup 1 location map

Grand Canyon Closeup 1

This view from the north shows the entry of the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon. The north rim is much higher and wetter than the south rim and therefore forested resulting in a deep green coloring.

View: Grand Canyon Closeup 1
Location: Lon -111.756°
Lat 36.781°
Altitude: 19 km
Direction: 195°
Camera Angle: 36°
User Rating: 2.9
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Grand Canyon Closeup 1 location map
Grand Canyon Closeup 1

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Visitor comments:

by Alexander from United States posted on Fri Sep 1 2006 22:41:14
Wow. Just wow. \\r\\nYour work is simply amazing. You have achieved a quality that far exceeds anything I have seen anywhere in the world of computer generated art.
by Ashley from Australia posted on Sun Aug 13 2006 04:07:13
Amazing, fantastic, thankyou for creating the most astonishing body of work.\\r\\n\\r\\nWhat you have manage to achieve is truly remarkable. \\r\\n\\r\\nThey talk about great artists, photographs... but really to be one of the first to create such realism of the earth by using freely available data (heightfield data, photo images) and a freely available light rendering program is incredible. \\r\\n\\r\\nWho needs billions of dollars when all you need is intelligence and passion - they are the two mos important ingredients to achieving success.\\r\\n\\r\\nCompanies like Google Earth and Microsoft must stop and think sometimes... who really is leading the way!
by Gandalf da Graay posted on Wed Apr 5 2006 22:10:29
This is quite honestly one of the most amazing POV-Ray renderings I have ever seen. Christoph Hormann has awesomely portrayed one of the most beautiful regions of the United States!
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