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Minimal POV-Ray GUI for KDE

The Unix version of POV-Ray sometimes appears difficult to use to beginners. Starting renders from the command line and having to learn the options necessary for this can be challenging although a lot of frequent users of POV-Ray prefer this because to the flexibility it offers. Here you can find a collection of shell scripts that simplify use POV-Ray by offering a simple GUI interface to render scenes as well as other tasks related to POV-Ray.

At the moment this package includes the kminpovgui script which provides an interface to render scenes with POV-Ray that can be integrated into text editors or file managers and the povdocsearch script that simplifies searching the POV-Ray documentation.

Despite the title not all of these tools require KDE to operate - the kdialog program is required for the kminpovgui script but the documentation search tool also works without. You can even make use of it on Windows systems with help of the external linkCygwin tool.

All of these scripts are licensed under the external linkBSD license.

You are welcome to report problems and suggest improvements for the scripts.