Planet renders

New earth renders

Some time ago i did a number of renders of the earth surface using 1 km resolution data for both geometry and coloring. Meanwhile much higher resolution data is freely available which can be used for much better quality results in closeup views.

Note these are fairly old test renders made in 2004. Newer earth renders can be found on the Views of the Earth site.

The technique i used which is described on the planet renders page is suited for more detailed data. Instead of using two layers of different detail level i now use three different data sets.

Sadly there is no high resolution clouds data available so all these renders are made without a clouds image.

The data sources used are:

Here are some example showing a region in east Africa around Kilimanjaro:

MODIS image Landsat image (unprocessed)
MODIS image Landsat image (unprocessed)
Landsat image (processed) Landsat image (detail)
Landsat image (processed) Landsat image (detail)

These are 3d renders of the same region showing the different detail levels of height and color data. The first three images use the MODIS image for texturing while the last one uses the landsat image.

sample view (large area) sample view (medium size area)
detail view detail view (landsat image)

Here is a selection of renders i made from various regions on earth. All renders use the 3 arc second height data for the closest parts and the 30 arc seconds height map for a larger area around. Since these are rendered from a lower camera viewpoint than the images in the first earth renders gallery there is usually none of the very coarse global height model visible.

The alps from south.

[1600x600] (145kB)

alps render

The rift valley in east africa.

[1600x1200] (252kB)

rift valley render

New Guinea

[1600x1200] (141kB)

new guinea render

Southern Chile, see also the same region in the old earth renders gallery.

[1200x900] (176kB)

chile render

Crete, southern Greece and Aegean Sea.

[1600x800] (100kB)

crete render

Gulf of Corinth in Greece.

[1600x1200] (277kB)

greece render

Same with landsat image.

[1600x1200] (255kB)

greece render 2

Southern romania.

[1600x1200] (267kB)

romania render