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Mount St. Helens location map

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens in the Cascade Range in the northwestern United States looked much like Mount Rainier (left) and Mount Adams (right) before 1980 when a large vulcanic eruption completely destroyed the mountain top. There has been occasional vulcanic activity on the mountain since then especially in the last two years.

View: Mount St. Helens
Location: Lon -122.783°
Lat 45.873°
Altitude: 19 km
Direction: 53°
Camera Angle: 42°
User Rating: 2.6
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Mount St. Helens location map
Mount St. Helens

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Visitor comments:

by panaberta pecopona posted on Thu Nov 21 2013 22:46:04
i liked this
by VI from United States posted on Tue Feb 13 2007 05:28:04
I grew up in the large valley to the center left, and this is an absolutely breathtaking treatment of my home. Living so far away now, it eases my heart to view this picture. The detail and accuracy are outstanding. Just incredible.
by omniverse from United States posted on Wed Mar 15 2006 11:01:47
This is great to see a rendering from this vantage point. I've actually been at the same place in a plane when Sea-Tac airport was too foggy to land and went to Portland, OR, then straight back again when the fog had cleared. Already a long trip across the country but worth it to have seen this location fromt the air, albeit a lower altitude in the jet than this shows. Good view here.
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