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Caucasus Mountains location map

Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain range between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea at the southeastern edge of Europe. On the left in the background the Crimea and the Sea of Azov can be seen. In the foreground eastern Turkey with Mount Ararat. On the right the Caspian Sea, southern Russia and the Volga River.

View: Caucasus Mountains
Location: Lon 51.021°
Lat 36.578°
Altitude: 321.863 km
Direction: 320°
Camera Angle: 42°
User Rating: 2.7
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Caucasus Mountains location map
Caucasus Mountains

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Visitor comments:

by Annette from United States posted on Fri Apr 15 2011 22:27:34
Arrived at this map while reading about derivations of ancient languages and people. Trying to put a timeline to 6000 years of human origin and development. This is amazing and so beautiful!
by Nikusha from Georgia posted on Mon Feb 28 2011 09:24:38
My country, so beautiful...
by jack from Ireland posted on Thu Sep 9 2010 18:56:16
That is the coolest and best picture I have ever seen.
by Mashouqa from Jordan posted on Sun May 16 2010 07:45:32
can you get a pictuer of nalchik with albroz mount please
by suxo from Georgia posted on Sun Aug 16 2009 21:40:41
by Shahriyar Ismayilzade from Azerbaijan posted on Sat Jan 24 2009 23:07:08
Good Job! I`m from Azerbaijan and I`ve never seen such mapping..\\r\\n the Caucasus\\r\\n
by CalimlimTMZ from United States posted on Tue Dec 16 2008 01:49:55
Very fantastic photo that helps me with my studying a lot
by Hamid from Iran posted on Mon Oct 22 2007 09:34:11
That's great.\\r\\nThank you.
by Kissing from Iran posted on Sun Jul 8 2007 10:20:58
Really!it is more than nice...I love Alborz mountain and it is wonderfull\\r\\nThank you,
by Miro from Netherlands posted on Tue Jun 12 2007 20:04:05
master work Chris,\\r\\nthe first reaction of all my friends when they saw your was:ammazing job!! i am kurdish and i can see mount ararat as lovelly twin, so peacful and beautiful.\\r\\n\\r\\ngod bless you
by Bortek from Georgia posted on Fri Jan 12 2007 21:23:37
A very beautiful picture of Caucasus mountains. Good work!
by James from United States posted on Wed Nov 15 2006 23:40:01
good pictures! i like them! did you use google earth? but, where are those clouds?\\r\\n\\r\\n-from Bellevue, WA
by gvantsa from Georgia posted on Wed Jul 12 2006 15:08:54
this pictures are really interesting and well done! i am impressed.

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