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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta location map

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a small mountain range in northern Colombia, including with a height of 5775m the highest mountain peaks in the country. It lies very close to the coast and is completely isolated from the other mountain ranges in the region.

View: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Location: Lon -73.459°
Lat 11.721°
Altitude: 19 km
Direction: 198°
Camera Angle: 34°
User Rating: 2.3
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta location map
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Visitor comments:

by Adam from United States posted on Sat Apr 3 2010 16:34:01
As of 2010 there has been no violence in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in many, many years. Organized operators guide tours to the Lost City and beyond. I am investing in a small farm and eco-tourism business based in Minca, a 30-minute ride up the mountains from Santa Marta. Coming soon: English, Spanish, German & Italian-speaking guides to take you safely throughout the region (and country) so that you can learn the magic of Colombia...
by Clarissa from Mexico posted on Mon May 11 2009 19:59:30
No conozco Colombia pero se me hace facinante! En mi pais tamben ha brotado la iseguridad y el conflicto pero sigue siendo un pais hermoso, al igual que Colombia. Tengo un amigo muy lindo en Bogota y espero algun dia poder ir a visitar.\\r\\nEspecialmente me he quedado encantada con Santa Marta, es un paraiso ese lugar. Saludos a todos en Colombia....
by Castillaborn from Colombia posted on Thu Feb 28 2008 06:11:56
When I lived in the Santa Marta area, it was a town of about 40,000 people. Today (2008) it is over 1/2 million and still growing. It is a beautiful city and must be visited. I lived in a town called Sevilla, growing bananas for export. It was a great life. Good fishing off the coast.
by Juan from Colombia posted on Fri Jun 15 2007 10:46:52
Hi! Im from Colombia...\\r\\nI´ve got the chance to \\r\\ngo to the Sierra Nevada...\\r\\nIts very nice...\\r\\nThe violence in my country its true..\\r\\nIts sad... but most of the armed conflict\\r\\ntakes place in those natural places...\\r\\nBut don´t get fear into coming to\\r\\nColombia...Bogota is a city like New York...\\r\\nwe got Hard Rock Cafe, Johnnie Walker Blue Label...\\r\\nand nothing happens...\\r\\nCome to Colombia!\\r\\nAnd its true... the best Marihuana in the world grows at the top of the Sierra Nevada mountain...\\r\\nthe indians protect mother earth...\\r\\n\\r\\n
by Esteban del Caribe belga from Belgium posted on Tue Jun 5 2007 13:14:36
De la guérilla dans la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta? Ce Français a dû rêver! Il y avait des paramilitaires mais la zone a été "nettoyée" déjà vers 2003 grâce à la politique de saécurité du président Uribe. La Sierra Nevada est un lieu très sûr.
by Fabrice from France posted on Wed Dec 27 2006 20:46:36
Congratulations for those breathtaking views !! Impressive.\\r\\nSanta Marta is the most important "take-off" on earth (more than Himalaya). 40km from the sea as the crow flies, and you are lose to 6000m high... to bad guerilla make the area dangerous.
by Andrés Carmona from Colombia posted on Fri Nov 17 2006 03:57:01
Very interesting image.\\r\\nPlease notice it is´nt "northern Columbia" but northern\\r\\nColombia.\\r\\n\\r\\nBest regards

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