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The Himalaya location map

The Himalaya

The mountain range of the Himalaya arises behind the plains of the Ganges River in northern India and is the highest mountain range on Earth generated by the collision of the Indian tectonic plate with Asia. Behind the Tibetan Plateau can be seen and further in the background the Taklamakan desert.

View: The Himalaya
Location: Lon 92.15°
Lat 11.737°
Altitude: 2829 km
Direction: 330°
Camera Angle: 30°
User Rating: 2.6
Location Map:    Visible Topography
The Himalaya location map
The Himalaya

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Visitor comments:

by Ali Abbas from Pakistan posted on Thu Dec 24 2009 11:57:19
Wow! cool stuff, really! it's simply superb...
by JIMMY from United States posted on Sun Jan 27 2008 23:57:39
AMAZING, This is undescrivable, it makes me think of that song from Kansas: Dust in the wind. we are just dust in the wind. AMAZING.
by Steph/Mayday from Denmark posted on Mon Dec 10 2007 10:26:25
These are very beautiful pictures. What a website. thombs up for that, yir! \\r\\n
by M.E.Kervei from Iran posted on Wed Mar 7 2007 10:52:54
Please add more pics. from around the world to gallery.\\r\\nNevertheless all pics. are beautiful.
by Joel Gottlieb from United States posted on Fri Dec 8 2006 03:16:10
an extraordinary space shuttle-like perspective on The Himalaya. Thanks for the gift.
by YaYa from Botswana posted on Wed Sep 27 2006 23:38:26

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