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Mexico City location map

Mexico City

Mexico City at the left of this image lies near several vulcanoes on the high plateau of southern Mexico, from left to right the Popocatépetl (5426m), the Iztaccíhuatl (5230m) and Matlalcueitl (4462m).

View: Mexico City
Location: Lon -97.382°
Lat 17.83°
Altitude: 59 km
Direction: 325°
Camera Angle: 31°
User Rating: 2.4
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Mexico City location map
Mexico City

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Visitor comments:

by wolfgang from Mexico posted on Mon Jun 13 2011 22:57:08
Amazing site, great project! One detail here that I'd change is the title. Mexico City is on the far left side of the picture and Puebla is on the low center of the frame, I'd change it to Mexico City and Puebla or something like that. I've driven that route many times and its glorious like your renders.\\r\\n\\r\\nAny chance of doing a render of Mexico City exclusively?\\r\\n\\r\\nBtw: Iztaccíhuatl also has an accent on the í, but seeing you got Popocatépetl right (99% of people wouldn't) I can't complain.
by Rafael Dominguez Estrada from Mexico posted on Sun Jul 22 2007 21:15:43
It is just amazing ... all of your images are wonderfull...I've been dreamed of seeing my planet and my home from the space...somehow you make a reality this wish..!!thank you....
by TaLiaTuk from Mexico posted on Tue Aug 8 2006 04:24:32
\\r\\n Hey!! i´m writting from Veracruz,Mexico, I would like to see some picture from this place please!!! and I want to say that Mexico is part of North America, not Only USA and Canada, Central America starts in Guatemala and Belize, If u don't believe me, you can found it in some books of geography or in Internet Ok??.. Thanks for that beatiful picture of our great Earth!!
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