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künstliche Bilder unseres realen Planeten

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Die Views of the Earth sind eine Sammlung von Ansichten der Erde, welche künstlich mittels Computer erzeugt werden. Ich habe diese Sammlung erstmals 2006 auf dieser Webseite veröffentlicht und sie enthält mittlerweile über 200 Bilder.

Die Bilder hier werden mit einem vollkommen anderen Verfahren erzeugt als es in Programmen wie Google Earth oder NASA World Wind zum Einsatz kommt. Dieses Verfahren (Raytracing) erlaubt eine hochwertigere und realistischere Darstellung und ermöglicht die Produktion wesentlich detaillierterer und größerer Bilder wie beispielhaft anhand des 5 Gigapixel Bildes demonstriert.

Die Auswahl der Motive und die Gestaltung der Bilder hier basiert auf meine persönlichen Vorstellungen und Vorlieben. Daneben biete ich bei den Leistungen und Produkten auch mit dem selben Verfahren produzierte Bilder für die kommerzielle Verwendung an.

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Sie können die Bilder auf dieser Seite jeweils einzeln kommentieren und die Kommentare werden unter den Bildern erscheinen. Hier sind die allgemeinen Kommentare wiedergegeben, welche Besucher dieser Seiten hinterlassen haben. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie Ihre eigenen Kommentare hinzufügen.

von Emme @ Green Global Travel aus United States am Mon Jul 6 2015 03:27:04
Really cool site. These photos are amazing for exploring the natural wonders of our planet from your computer and for learning/teaching about the awesome natural sites on Earth. Thanks for sharing!
von Luc A. GERMAIN aus Burundi am Fri Aug 3 2012 09:41:30
Just ... GREAT.\\nMagical pictures of our world. Fantastic for teaching geography.\\nFantastic to promote the beauty of the Earth and have it loved by\\neverybody. \\nI will put a link on my site in the section about education.\\nThanks for your work.\\nLuc
von Robert S Turner aus United States am Tue Jun 19 2012 09:50:56
Beautiful Images! Thank you for making them public. The canyons around Nanda Devi and Shivling in the Garhwal Himalaya would make an impressive addition to your gallery. I was wondering: During your explorations of world mountain topography using your computer programs, have you been able to determine which places on earth have the most extensive views of the planet, both in terms of greatest land area covered by the view and farthest distances to other mountains within a vista? I would imagine that elevation (Everest) is only one factor, and that isolation (Kilimanjaro) would play a role in the answer. Because the Earth is not a perfect sphere, does latitude make a difference (Denali vs Chimborazo)? Is a view increased when another mountain range rises up a hundred or more miles away, offsetting the drop off due to the curvature of the Earth (an effect seen with Mount Diablo looking toward the Sierra Nevada in central California)? And then, of course, there is the effect of light refraction through the change of density in the atmosphere, making objects actually below the horizon visible to an elevated viewer. This question has fascinated me since I was a child.
von Christoph Hormann aus Germany am Tue Jun 19 2012 12:52:13
Hello Robert,\\r\\n\\r\\nthe subject of longest lines of sight is discussed broadly on Jonathan de Ferranti's site:\\r\\n\\r\\n<a href=""></a>\\r\\n\\r\\nThe related subject of the size of the area visible from a certain point is quite a bit more difficult since the visibility of a surface area at glacing angle strongly depends on the microrelief (imagine looking at a paved road from 10cm above vs. looking at a lawn from the same altitude). So measuring this area is a bit like measuring the length of a coastline.\\r\\n\\r\\nThe only sensible quantity with respect to the area visible from a certain point i can think of is the angular area weighted with distance. In other words the integral of the distance of all earth surface visible from that point. But also this quantity strongly depends on how far from the local surface you calculate it.\\r\\n
von yuvraj jaipal aus India am Tue Jun 12 2012 05:13:33
Great work. Loved it. \\nKeep it up.
von est aus China am Thu Mar 1 2012 08:00:07
von Mimo aus Bulgaria am Thu Jan 5 2012 00:54:53
This is a nice comment \\r\\n
von Rani Bernardo aus Philippines am Wed Jul 6 2011 08:56:26
make a map for the island of the philippines. thanks!
von Judy aus United States am Thu May 19 2011 17:12:28
Thank you for your work. Very enjoyable and interesting.
von Mostafa Karbasi aus Iran am Sat Apr 30 2011 09:18:18
Perfect Work done by U ...\\r\\n\\r\\nBut Seas and Oceans are requesting a better attempt to get better. mainly, I mean reflections of water areas that looks unreal. Maybe it's the problem of bump map ...\\r\\n\\r\\nSurely U knew this
von Ivan aus Ireland am Wed Mar 9 2011 13:30:50
Excellent work. As a tool the views format provides a highly informative and almost unique angle on deep time and geography. A real merger of art and science.
von JHON am Fri Jan 28 2011 17:04:36
von TopsDopyallor aus Afghanistan am Wed Dec 29 2010 03:15:46
Happy New Year - , everyone! :)
von David Novak aus United States am Sun Dec 5 2010 12:39:25
I climbed in the Santa Marta range in 1967. Great and wild mountains. Went with Bob Mosley and Bob Underwood. Shot a 16mm of our attempt to cross the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. \\r\\n Retired in Arizona, USA.
von nima aus Iran am Thu Sep 30 2010 07:58:14
thanks for these nice and real pictures.\\r\\nI wonder if you can add some pictures from winter
von baharone aus Philippines am Wed Sep 29 2010 13:56:15
hi. pls make some philippine maps. all of your maps are cool
von Glen am Sat Oct 10 2009 09:42:26
Fantastic pictures..\\r\\nCould u post some photos of volcanoes & craters \\r\\nfrom above & in larger size\\r\\n10x
von CHIP THORNTON aus United States am Mon Jun 22 2009 20:26:37
This is such a great site! If you are looking for suggestions for new views, I'd to see extreme westermn Mongolia, and that part of the world where Russia, China Mongolia and Kazahkstan all come together. (Lake Marakol, Lake Zaisan too!)
von MARINA aus Iran am Wed Mar 18 2009 07:03:31
hi. i love your site.can you take aphoto from bora bora island ? threr is very amazing place in the world. thakn u
von Ghavami ehsan aus Iran am Sun Feb 8 2009 12:34:17
hi.that is very nice idea to establish this website and the images are very rare and top.
von Rudi - DK7PE aus Germany am Sun Dec 7 2008 22:18:20
Tremendous pictures! Rudolf Klos
von andrew aus United States am Mon Nov 17 2008 04:33:44
This is great! I hope you can take more pictures of the world. Fantastic, the scenry is so awesome there! You should make it more detailed so that people can see the indivial mountains and hills. Good work!\\r\\n
von Miguel aus United States am Sat Apr 19 2008 22:01:44
amazing images. i'd like to see pictures of cities in this site like tokyo or hong kong or views of outer space and other galaxies. that would be really cool.
von Mehran Izadkhah aus Iran am Fri Apr 11 2008 14:29:52
Glamorous images. Make more close up images
von sphinxmoth aus United States am Thu Mar 27 2008 22:21:59
Absolutely spectacular. Poignant, even. Thank you very much for the site, your time is well spent. More snow & ice! And fjords! I have the temerity to make requests! ;)
von simone aus Germany am Mon Mar 24 2008 05:14:17
The 5 Gigabyte image is a really cool idea. I think the images are terrific and they look very realistic. Must have been an incredibly lot of work.\\r\\nI especially like the blue earth athmosphere and the lighting.
von pejman aghdak aus Iran am Wed Jan 23 2008 12:17:43
very nice .thank you
von Rani aus India am Sun Jan 13 2008 07:29:25
Very Nice pictures, of our Country, I must thank you for that. It is so beautiful & huge.
von Ertan Kalmis aus Turkey am Sun Oct 21 2007 13:50:24
Awesome work man!\\r\\nVery precious art\\r\\n\\r\\n
von AMIN SAGANI aus United States am Sun Oct 7 2007 18:17:34
Your web is very cool if i was the president I would give you a gift.(like money)
von olivier aus United Kingdom am Thu Sep 13 2007 22:25:51
very very impressive. one can see computer-generated as no clouds in any pictures. but still this website should be shown in schools to give a better view of our planet.\\r\\nwell done and thanks for sharing this with the rest of the web community.\\r\\nkeep the good work and give us more amazing pictures!\\r\\nolivier
von Rafael Dominguez Estrada aus Mexico am Sun Jul 22 2007 21:40:30
This is a truly amazing site to see the wonderfull that is our planet, our home.....\\r\\nOn the technical side,I like to say that you are really ,REALLY GOOD.Thank's for share you talent with all of us..\\r\\nRealmente los felicito por esta vision increible de nuestro hogar.\\r\\nHow about something from others planets in our solar sistem in the same way that you did with our earht?\\r\\nI really like to fly over mars or Jupiter with the same image quality that you did of our home planet...\\r\\nGracias y suerte desde MEXICO !!!!!
von fareha yusuf aus Pakistan am Thu Apr 5 2007 11:16:03
this site took me back two years when i visited this place with my two daughters. it is a marvel of Allah a place where you can feel the fluttering wings of the fairies and imagine the strides of the giants. a breathetaking sight to make youworship the Creator
von Gert van Niekerk aus South Africa am Sun Mar 11 2007 21:36:15
I always thought I knew the Namib desert. Now I know there is much more to be seen. Thanking you for sharing the wonderfull pictures.
von VI aus United States am Mon Jan 29 2007 09:02:38
Growing up in the Washington Cascades, I was absolutely shattered by the detail and accuracy of these images. I can pick out the ridge saddle I camp on each summer!\\r\\n\\r\\nI would suggest Oregon's Crater Lake, from a fairly close and low altitude (like Mt. St. Helens), looking toward the south-southeast. This would take in Mt. McLoughlin, Klamath Lake, and Mt. Shasta.\\r\\n\\r\\nAlso, the Yosemite/Tuolomne valley, I think, would respond well to this treatment.
von mukul aus Bangladesh am Tue Jan 16 2007 12:16:47
Excellent, Wonderful, Breathtaking........I always wanted to go to Kilimanjaro, watching it on your site I wish if I could be there thing make me sad,when I see the Word "artificial" on the top of your site(Remove the word!!!!).
von heidi am Mon Jan 8 2007 17:01:31
awesome site, love your pictures.....very colorful. makes me really want to be there!
von ISHIKAWA aus Japan am Mon Dec 25 2006 11:17:04
(^o^)/ good job!!\\r\\nwhen can we get cd or dvd version?\\r\\n\\r\\n
von Surat aus Tajikistan am Sat Dec 9 2006 14:48:42
Hi!\\r\\n\\r\\nImpressive!That's what I was dreaming to see since the time I was student (more than 25 years :) You can see even Muztag and Kangour! The Hindukush looks as it is.\\r\\nAll the best!\\r\\n\\r\\nSurat
von richo aus Australia am Sun Dec 3 2006 07:50:41
Why would you say it doesnt look like that?. Ever been there??? (I've) Been there, overflown that.. and it looks exactly like that! Geologically spectacular and following the coast by light aircarft.. even better!
von Ronnie Sade aus Israel am Sun Dec 3 2006 03:08:36
hi,\\r\\n\\r\\nwonderful site.\\r\\nThere seems to be a problem with\\r\\n"Mediterranean panorama" image...\\r\\nfor some reason it can not be loaded..\\r\\n\\r\\nCheers
von John aus Canada am Tue Nov 28 2006 23:05:28
this place is cool i wish i can be there.
von chelsea aus Australia am Tue Sep 5 2006 09:48:13
i think it is absolutely awesome, you have some fab pics and i love the way you have such accurate stuff, i like your style baby oh yehhhhh!!!!!!!!! keep it up
von Antenna aus Australia am Tue Aug 15 2006 07:19:41
Hello, very nice site! Please also visit my homepages:\\r\\n\\r\\nThanks!
von Mike aus United States am Mon Aug 7 2006 06:38:52
I guess you'll have to do the monstrosities at Dubai.
von James aus New Zealand am Fri Aug 4 2006 22:21:11
I notice that in the 'Australia' section of your gallery you only have one image, that of New Zealand, which you have labelled a 'region' of Australia. New Zealand is not a region of Australia but a group of large islands separated from the Australian continent by approximately 3000km of ocean. An appropriate heading for this section would be 'Australasia', a term which applies to Australia and New Zealand combined. 'Australia' is not a regional name and refers specifically only to the continent.\\r\\n\\r\\nThank you.
von maria giulia salvia aus Italy am Tue Jun 13 2006 18:25:58
i find this web site very interesting,\\r\\nalthough i was looking for a real photo of mount fuji.\\r\\ni suggest to insert the real picture of a place so visitors can confront it to your virtual version. this would also help showing what a good work you have done.\\r\\nmine is just a suggestion, and because i am only 14 i don't mind if you don't consider my suggestion
von Catholicgauze aus United States am Sun May 21 2006 15:32:18
Great site with great views! Keep up the good work!
von Ian Beagrie aus New Zealand am Sun Apr 30 2006 01:57:39
Wow! I'm impressed! As a novice POV user myself working with a non-mainstream OS, I can see a long road before me in the rendering stakes. Planning on mapping other Solar System bodies from NASA data next? Great work, keep it up.
von stritti aus Germany am Thu Apr 27 2006 23:26:21
Really cool renderings!\\r\\nI think nearly 10 years ago I played a little with pov-ray. Probably you remember the chess game. It took on my PC386 about 2 days to render...\\r\\n\\r\\nBut your renders are really amazing.\\r\\n\\r\\nProbably there is a nice view also in Germany:\\r\\nthe view from South German via the "Bodensee" to the Alps.
von Jo aus Germany am Thu Apr 27 2006 15:52:24
really great.....
von ilker yigit aus Turkey am Sun Apr 23 2006 10:18:07
It's realy great work. Can you make Bosphorus (Istanbul, Turkey) ? \\r\\n\\r\\nBest Regards\\r\\n\\r\\n
von Coba aus Belgium am Mon Apr 10 2006 03:56:21
I'm amazed, it's so beautiful! Thanks for giving us this.\\r\\nMaybe, you can do one of Malta?
von Jay aus United States am Wed Apr 5 2006 18:57:34
We have an international group of people at our HQ (mostly Japanese with some indian and European) and we all are enjoying these scenes. I've set up my screen saver with these photos (opps i mean renders). People are amazed!
von Dave aus United States am Tue Apr 4 2006 01:51:52
Very interesting and attractive. If you get more ambitious you should add models of human structures. It would be interesting to see it at such scales(roads/farmland/cities)
von Dick Tracy aus South Africa am Sun Apr 2 2006 14:28:32
Can't you do one of Cape Town, South Africa?\\r\\n\\r\\nVery cool.
von steve aus China am Wed Mar 29 2006 17:44:45
Absolutely awesome! The "dirt ball" (Chinese for Earth) never looked better! Fine work! Plan to visit again soon.
von JCRogers aus United States am Wed Mar 29 2006 10:11:31
Beautiful. It's amazing that you can get this level of detail.\\r\\n\\r\\nI wish I had your skill, but most of my renderings still have the checkered floor.

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