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Sea ice coverage

Images of the Current Polar Sea Ice Coverage

Here you can find up-to-date images of the sea ice coverage in northern and southern polar oceans using the Views of the Earth visualization techniques.

These image use data from the AMSR2 sea ice concentration data from the University of Bremen. Further data sources can be found on the Views of the Earth credits page. Sea ice areas listed below are rough estimates and might significantly differ from values elsewhere.

Arctic Sea Ice

latest north polar image
Date: 16 Jul 2024
Sea Ice Area: 12.927·106 km2
Development: sea ice area development
History: arctic ice history

Antarctic Sea Ice

latest south polar image
Date: 16 Jul 2024
Sea Ice Area: 12.927·106 km2
Development: sea ice area development
History: antarctic ice history

Please note the lighting on the images here has been adjusted for good visibility of the sea ice coverage. It does not represent the lighting at the time the sea ice data represents.

Visitor comments:

by Usama Aneeq from India posted on Sat Mar 29 2014 08:39:52
amazing overview of world images
by Pär Johansson from Sweden posted on Mon Dec 14 2009 18:36:45
Hello there!\\r\\n\\r\\nThe ice coverage was a very nice addition to Your site. The calender works well, but may I suggest a Ogg/Theora animated sequence? 24 h = 24 frames = 1 second, or something like that.\\r\\n\\r\\nBest regards,\\r\\n\\r\\nPär Johansson
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