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This is a simple search engine to search for digital elevation data from various sources on the internet. In particular the search by date allows you to keep track of updates in Jonathan de Ferranti's void fill data. Please note that these files are provided by the sites linked to in the search form. You will need to consult those sites concerning the conditions of use of this data.


Search criteria
 original NASA/USGS SRTM info
 CGIAR-CSI modified SRTM info
 voidfill data by J. de Ferranti info
 GLCF Unfinished SRTM info
 GLCF Unfilled Finished-A SRTM info
 Global SRTM 1″ info
 GLCF Filled Finished-A SRTM info
 GLCF Unfilled Fin.-B SRTM info
 GeoBase DEM 250k info
 USGS NED 1″ info
 GeoBase DEM 50k info
 USGS NED 1/3″ info
 USGS NED 2″ info
note downloading ASTER GDEM with the links given here requires a user account on USGS EarthExplorer.
note downloading global SRTM 1″ data with the links given here requires a user account on USGS EarthExplorer.
Search area

Viewfinder | SRTM | SRTM 1″ | CGIAR-CSI | GLFC: Unfin. Unfilled Fin-A Filled Fin-A Fin-B GLSDEM | ASTER
Geobase 250k Geobase 50k | NED 1″ NED 1/3″ NED 2″ | SRTM 1″ US
Longitude: -180.0° to 180.0°, Latitude: -90.0° to 90.0°
earth map background earth map coverage map

Search results seaching...

Please note the number of files displayed is limited to 1000. The results are sorted by date with newest on top.

get link list for bulk download

Visitor comments:

by rj99 from Portugal posted on Tue Feb 17 2015 11:07:15
Trying to use DEM information for personal use with QLandkarte. Hope I can do it.
by bashir from Iraq posted on Fri Dec 12 2014 06:22:06
please i want 30*30 m Dem map for academic research for Arbil city in iraq
by Marcelo Moreno posted on Fri Aug 8 2014 13:28:24
I appreciate the work you went to to produce this site!!
by Lin from China posted on Wed Jul 30 2014 07:25:29
I am new to this, I think this will be very useful, thank you very much
by Alex Kostin from Russia posted on Fri Jan 3 2014 08:51:18
no comment
by Sophie Zhang from China posted on Fri Feb 1 2013 03:29:18
I appreciate the work you have done and continue updating the map. it has done a great favor for us to do the internal analysis. thank you very much! sincerely
by themappist from United States posted on Wed Jan 16 2013 17:57:26
Would be nice to be able to zoom in to make selections more accurate
by Lou from United States posted on Sat Sep 1 2012 21:03:48
I appreciate the work you went to to produce this site. Makes finding Jonathan's updates much easier. Also much easier to download.

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