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Terms of use

The content published on the websites is made available primarily for reception by individual human readers/viewers for their enjoyment and education and as a means of communication with them. To ensure this purpose is served and continues to be served in reliable and sustainable fashion the following rules apply to any and all users of the websites:

  • Individual human users may manually retrieve and view those parts of the websites with no access restrictions freely and without restrictions. The websites are provided to them as is with no guarantee of factual accuracy, suitability for any purpose or continued availability.
  • Individual human users may manually retrieve and store individual texts and images from these websites for their own personal use for example for offline reading and studying.
  • Individual human users or organizations or businesses may systematically retrieve content of the websites to index the content if the purpose of that endeavour is to allow individual human users to search and find the websites or parts of it. This use is only permissible if it abides by the rules set in existing robots.txt files. In this case the content may only be stored for the purpose of creating the index and has to be deleted afterwards. 'Index' in this context means a data structure referencing where on the websites specific content components (like words in case of text) can be found in a transparent and well defined fashion. The index must not contain or allow reconstructing substantial content of the websites.

Any other uses of the websites are non-permissible, unless explicitly noted otherwise or an individual permission for the use is given by me. In particular not allowed without explicit individual permission is the retrieval or use of content of the websites for the purpose of modifying (training) self adjusting algorithms (a.k.a. artificial intelligence) - independent of if the content is retrieved directly or through a third party.

Todays featured image:

Western Europe from south
Western Europe from south
View of Western Europe from the south. Uses waterbody data copyright OpenStreetMap contributors. [more]
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