Tools and include files

The waves include file

This include file simulates water waves in a very simple model. The mathematical background is described in a external linkpaper on visualizing water surfaces (German) by Bertram Walter. A different implementation with some description can be found in an article of external linkPC Magazin, issue 12/2001.

The model leads to fairly realistic results under certain circumstances:

The main idea is superposing a lot of sine waves with different frequencies, amplitudes and directions according to certain distribution functions.

The include file contains a macro that generates a user defined function. This can be used in a height_field, normal statement and isosurface, but the latter can be extremely slow since the function is quite long. By making the third parameter dependant on clock it can be used in animations.

Syntax is the following:

  function {
    Waves(Wind_Direction, Wind_Speed, Time, Scale)

The parameters:

Files for download:

Sample animations: sample animation sample animation
MPEG file 512x384, 357 kB MPEG file 512x384, 594 kB