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This is the entry page to the large part of this website that deals with computer generated images.

I am interested in Computer Graphics for about ten years and work on both generating actual images and developing and improving the techniques to generate them. The technique of choice for doing this is Raytracing which makes it possible to generate realistic high quality images of imaginary objects and scenes. Realistic lighting and shadowing as well as reflections and refractions can be generated using this technique.

The raytracing introduction i wrote will help you to understand how the images are actually generated in case you are not familiar with this.

external linkPOV-Ray, the Persistence of Vision Raytracer is the program i use for most of my images and i also help developing. With its scripting language POV-Ray is very flexible to use and you can render even complex scenes quite efficiently. Furthermore the program is free to use and can be extended with custom features by everyone.

On these pages you can find various images made with POV-Ray as well as several tutorials and include files that can be useful if you are using POV-Ray yourself. You can also find various POV-Ray related tools and custom extensions of POV-Ray.

Everyone is allowed to download the pictures and text here for private use. But redistribution and reuse in other projects is not allowed without explicit permission.