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Geodata products

In addition to complete earth visualizations I also produce various processed geodata products you can use to create your own images and maps. Below you can find descriptions and samples for the products I offer. If you need other types of data you can contact me for advise or custom data preparation.

Generalized geodata products

generalized coastline illustration

Geometric generalization is an imported processing step to produce high quality maps and Geovisualizations. I offer a number of generalized data sets of various map features ready for use in map rendering as well as custom generalization services.

Find out more about generalized geodata products

Satellite image products

Satellite image illustration

Satellite images assembled and processed to consistent, up-to-date mosaics with realistic colors and free of clouds.

Find out more about satellite image products

Relief data products and services

relief shading illustration

Depiction of the relief is an important element in many maps and I offer various processing services with relation to relief data for high quality relief visualization.

Find out more about relief data processing

Cartographic data products

map data illustration

I offer original cartographic data for various remote areas of the Arctic derived from satellite imagery.

Find out more about map data sets

Todays featured image:

Eastern Europe from south
Eastern Europe from south
View of Eastern Europe from the south. Uses waterbody data copyright OpenStreetMap contributors. [more]
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