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The Musaicum EU-plus

Musaicum EU-plus satellite image mosaic

The Musaicum EU-plus is a regional visible color satellite image mosaic of the Continental European Union and adjacent areas with a ground resolution of 10m. It combines recent Sentinel-2 satellite imagery into the highest quality and most cloud free depiction of Europe in this resolution class available today.

It is generated using a classical mosaicing process derived from the methods and techniques developed for local mosaics but with a high degree of automatization. This eliminates most of the time intensive manual steps while maintaining high quality standards.

Compared to the Green Marble the Musaicum EU-plus offers much higher spatial resolution (10m compared to 250/300m) at the cost of slightly more heterogeneous coloring due to the smaller data basis. Cloud occurrence is comparable to my hand produced local mosaics with less than about one in 100k pixels significantly affected by clouds.

Primary data source for the image is Sentinel-2 imagery from 2019 to 2022.

In case you would like to read in more detail about this mosaic off-line a product description is available for download and offline reading as well.

Key properties

  • Visible color mosaic of the Continental European Union and adjacent areas (including the UK, Ireland and Cyprus but not any other Atlantic islands, extending eastwards to a line Sea of Azov to White Sea)
  • 10m base resolution
  • Based predominantly on Sentinel-2 data from 2020 to 2022 with additional 2019 data with lower priority in areas where it is needed and 2018 data in very small parts
  • Includes full coverage of lakes and coastal waters, no coverage of the open ocean
  • Shows atmosphere compensated surface color, available either as linear surface reflectance values or tone mapped for direct display
  • Shading compensated version can be produced on request

Product packaging

The mosaic is produced in different projections for different parts of the coverage area and is assembled in the target projection on demand. The previews of the whole mosaic shown here are in Lambert conformal conic projection, small area samples are in UTM projection. For use in web maps in Mercator projection by default a z14 grid (9.5546m nominal resolution) is provided.

The standard form of distribution of this mosaic is with an alpha channel for seamless blending with a background image for the open ocean - like the Green Marble. This is illustrated in the samples below. Other variants can be produced on request.

Musaicum EU-plus with transparent oceans and alpha channel for seamless blending Musaicum EU-plus blended with Green Marble based Ocean coloring Musaicum EU-plus with transparent oceans and alpha channel for seamless blending (detail) Musaicum EU-plus blended with Green Marble based Ocean coloring (detail)

Sample gallery

Musaicum EU-plus sample: Swiss Alps Musaicum EU-plus sample: High Tatras, Poland/Slovakia Musaicum EU-plus sample: Western Greece Musaicum EU-plus sample: Southern Norway Musaicum EU-plus sample: North Cape, Norway Musaicum EU-plus sample: Vlieland, Netherlands Musaicum EU-plus sample: Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula, Russia Musaicum EU-plus sample: Turku, Finland Musaicum EU-plus sample: Ireland Musaicum EU-plus sample: Vienna and Neusiedler See, Austria Musaicum EU-plus sample: Svartisen, Norway Musaicum EU-plus sample: Northern Wales, United Kingdom Musaicum EU-plus sample: Gdansk, Poland Musaicum EU-plus sample: Tödi, Switzerland Musaicum EU-plus sample: Zakynthos, Greece Musaicum EU-plus sample: Ordesa Valley and Cirque de Gavarnie, Pyrenees, Spain/France Musaicum EU-plus sample: Siena, Italy Musaicum EU-plus sample: Cordoba, Spain Musaicum EU-plus sample: Paris, France Musaicum EU-plus sample: Hamburg, Germany Musaicum EU-plus sample: Paris, France Musaicum EU-plus sample: Istanbul, Turkey Musaicum EU-plus sample: Frankfurt, Germany

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