Rock and scree rendering on


The standard map style on now finally renders bare ground areas that are mapped as natural=bare_rock, natural=scree or natural=shingle.

This has been a seriously missing feature in the standard OSM map for a long time – both bare_rock and scree tags are used several tenthousand times but since they occur mostly in areas far away from the densely populated parts of central Europe and North America where most of the OSM community members live these have not received the attention they deserve and compared to other area tags with use numbers in the millions these are still quite rare.

The patterns used for rendering these are generated using my jsdotpattern tool and together with this change i also modified the color for natural=sand to a more fitting tone.

I hope this addition encourages mappers to map bare ground areas. Check the OSM wiki for correct use of bare_rock, scree, shingle and sand. Click on the images above to see some examples of uses of these tags.

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