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This blog is created and run by Christoph Hormann primarily to aggregate information on new content of the other sites,, the Views of the Earth, the Imagico photo log and the services and products. It has become somewhat difficult, even for me, to keep track of all changes in the different sites and I here try to present these news in a unified way to follow  for everyone interested.  The blog form – thanks to its flexibility – will allow me to include more background information and behind-the-scenes commentary which is mostly missing on the above mentioned sites.  I also plan to include more references on interesting things elsewhere related to my work.

What i do not plan is to move images and text completely to this blog – the primary content will stay on the respective sites.  There is going to be some redundancy, for example in visitor comments that needs to be worked out over time but for now i will just get started and hope you enjoy.

Christoph Hormann

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