Some new satellite image mosaics


Recently i completed a number of new cloud free satellite image mosaics i want to introduce here.

The first one is an image of Cuba based on Landsat imagery. Seen from above Cuba is one of the most photogenic parts of the earth with very diverse landscapes and colorful coastal reefs and wetlands.

Then i have two smaller images of the Canary islands and Madeira.

The Canary islands mosaic is made from Sentinel-2 imagery while the Madeira image is a mixture of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8. These are still somewhat experimental – you might notice the overall color balance being somewhat different from other mosaics. There are two special problems here – one is these islands feature extremely steep relief so to avoid long shadows preference was given to summer images with a high sun position while normally i target the maximum plant growth. This brings up a second issue: sun glint – which affects appearance of water surfaces. I will write about this in more detail in a separate post.

Finally there is also a new Sentinel-2 based mosaic of the Falkland Islands.

Click on the full image previews above to visit the mosaics’ pages on where you can find more information, previews and can inquire for using them.

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