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I am pleased to announce the relaunch run by Jochen Topf and myself where you can download various useful datasets processed from OpenStreetMap data. is already well known for providing a central download location for the OpenStreetMap coastline data that is updated regularly and is used by many OpenStreetMap based maps including the standard style on

Now new on are generalized coastlines based on OSM data – something that i am also offering in other projections and as custom processings on The Mercator version is now available with frequent updates on Also new is a data set containing the Antarctic icesheet data which is mapped in an implicit, inverse form in OpenStreetMap and is therefore somewhat difficult to properly render in maps. The new data set generated with processing scripts i introduced some time ago should simplify this and we hope it contributes to a better depiction of the Antarctic ice in OSM based maps. is run by Jochen and me in our spare time and datasets there are available under free licenses. Please consider supporting us in some form if you find this service useful. We also would like to extend our offerings there with other types of data but this evidently also depends on support from data users.

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