Survey for Copernicus data users


In connection to my recent review of the Sentinel-2 data i want to point to a survey the EU commission is doing for current and potential future data users.

This kind of survey is of course prone to misinterpretations and neither the ESA or the EU commission have a good track record when it comes to sensible and efficient use of resources and listening to people outside their bubble. But there is at least a chance to articulate what is important for current and future users of earth observation data products. There are also free form fields in many parts of the survey that allow you to put in specific requests or suggestions. And even if you are just a hobbyist working with satellite images in your spare time don’t let the orientation towards companies scare you, they specifically include micro-companies with less than ten employees.

What i would especially suggest everyone to emphasize is that open and non-discriminating access to data is of fundamental importance, not only for the idealists among us but also for a functioning market with healthy competition. For data financed to a large part by tax money this should be self-evident but it apparently is not. The Copernicus program beyond the Sentinel satellites is largely the opposite of open data with staged access rights and special privileges granted to those deemed worthy by the powers that be. Equal rights and chances for everyone and no tax money for data that is for exclusive use by only a few should be the basic principles of an European earth observation program.

So fill out the survey and let them know what you think.

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