Autumn colors in the south


After the recent work on autumn color satellite image mosaics here for comparison also an image of autumn colors on the southern hemisphere.

This shows the Andes Mountains in Patagonia, South America at the border between Chile and Argentina with the Northern Patagonian Ice Field in the lower part of the image on April 16 this year. In general autumn color changes of the vegetation are much less widespread on the southern hemisphere than in the north. In this case the most widespread color change occurs with deciduous Nothofagus forests which grow at higher altitudes just below the tree line in the drier, eastern parts of the mountains. These trees feature a color change to strong red in autumn which can be prominently seen in this image. The western sides of the mountains and the fjords at the coast however are dominated by evergreen trees and do not change color that much. Here a few detail crops.

You can compare the last one also to the second image i showed with a talk announcement recently which was taken almost exactly a month earlier.

This image based on Copernicus Sentinel-2 data can be found in the catalog on

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